Jeudi 20 juin 2019 à 16h00 et 19h00

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Framing the Issues of Families of Same-Sex Partners and LGBTIQ* Individuals. Searching for Wider Resonance beyond the Human Rights Framework?

The focus on the LGBT* rights as human rights and the demand for equality has been an immensely important framework in the Western world which the LGBTQ* activists and politicians alike have used to protect and expand the space of rights of the LGBTQ* individuals and, lately, of the LGBTIQ* families. The human rights framework has further been strongly institutionalized within the European Union, resulting in a concentrated effort of both the EU policy makers and the professionalized LGBTIQ* NGOs to argue for the legal and societal rights of LGBTIQ* individuals and families in the EU member-states, particularly in regard to the free movement of rainbow families in most recent years. However, the human rights framework has also encountered many challenges recently, most notably from the emerging anti-gender movements in many European countries that use the language of rights and democracy to limit the LGBTIQ* rights and mobilize general population against gender and sexual equality. While the human right framework remains important and should be pursued further, this workshop nevertheless poses the question of how the issues of families of same-sex partners and LGBTIQ* individuals can be framed differently – remaining complementary but also moving beyond the human rights framework – in order to directly tackle the challenges posed by the anti-gender movements? What are other points of view and languages – the language of empathy or shared moral struggles between same-sex and opposite-sex families, for example – that the LGBTIQ* activists and policy makers can offer to counter the dis-association or alienation of many ‘undecided’ members of general public who are confronted with the abstract and sometimes bureaucratized talk of human rights on one hand, and the strongly emotionalized and fear-based talk of the LGBTIQ*-rights opponents?